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Canadian Student Nurse Jobs in NZ??


Hello Everyone,

I will be starting my 2nd semester of BScN program in January. I am currently studying in Canada, and because of some personal reasons, I'm thinking of getting a job as a student nurse in Auckland, NZ for the 4 months of break I have in the summer. Can anyone please tell me if there is any chances for a 1 year completed BScN student to get a job in NZ?? If yes, then how should I start the process of applying and where should I apply?? Please let me know. I'll really appreciate it. Thank You so much.


Has 18 years experience.

From what friends in NZ have said the past, little to none. Our training programmes are different and their own students need to find work to fund their edudcation.

At the end of first year most Canadian RN students wind up working as NAs or competing for UNE jobs.