Canadian RNs working in Florida!

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Hi All,

In my final year and considering relocating to Fla when I graduate. Would love to hear from other Cdns who have made to the big move. Any info on work conditions, salaries, good neighbourhoods, school conditions in Fla would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!!!!!! Lisa


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I live in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. I've known a few Canadians, and they like it. I'm also a nursing student, just the other day in clinicals I met a RN from Canada, and she was complaining about graduating from a diploma program & she felt that wasn't appreciated in the states. The RN salaries around Tampa Bay aren't real high, but the cost of living is pretty good RN can make a decent living. There's a big geriatric population in FL, so that's good to get into. good luck!



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I sure do know that Florida's crime rate is high, not to mention those crocodiles lurking at somebody's pools, kitchen, or backyard! Just be careful..

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