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Canadian Paeds Nurse heading to the UK

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Hello all,

Just a few questions,

1. wondering if there's any Canadians out there who are either looking into moving to the UK or have already moved there to nurse as I am considering this myself.

2.I've been a paediatric nurse since I graduated (7months) and also completed my pregrad (4months) in paeds, but I would like to know if I will be able to stay within paeds if I go to the UK, or will I have to complete any extra training, and if so, where can we do that training within Ontario? or does the possible added training need to be completed in the UK?

I'm considering moving there at the end of next year, looked at a lot of sites, like the NMC and such. But I won't be sending away for an application until Nov, any info or advice you could offer would be much appreciated. There's so much out there on the net these days, it would just be nice to hear from someone who has been in my position.


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