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Canadian nurse writing NCLEX - Is it good for life??

by Hieb Hieb Member

Specializes in Surgical/Medical.

Just wondering if I write the NCLEX is it good for life?? I'm a Canadian nurse working in Canada and hope to work in the USA in about 2 years from now.

Any info. on the NCLEX expiry?? I've been told once you write it, you got it for life.

Can someone clarify??


Once you pass the exam, you do not need to sit for it again; provided that you maintain a license someplace.

If you were to get out of nursing and did not keep a license current and then expected to return to it, many of the states will make you rewrite the exam.


Specializes in Surgical/Medical.

So basically pay the yearly license fee even if I don't work in the states?? Which state has the "cheapest" license fee, do you know??

License fees are only paid when the license expires to renew it. They are not paid yearly. And length of license time can be from two to four years depending on the country.

Fee is only about $40 on average every two years, increased if for longer time.

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