University Of Calgary Nursing Change of Program 2018

  1. Hello, i went to the nursing admissions office last Friday and they said it was the last day to apply.
    I filled out a change of program form and submitted it to the administration office.
    I was a kinesiology student also.

    Was I too late to apply?
    I made sure to tell the admissions office that it was the last day to apply.
    My UCALGARY has not changed and there is no pending change of program.

    My GPA Prereq was around 3.7, will this be competitive?

    How will I check my status?

    Do I still need to send a transcript as I am a current University of Calgary Student?

    Thank You
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  3. by   dishes
    It was the last day to apply for what start date?
  4. by   iceposeidonfan403
    Quote from dishes
    It was the last day to apply for what start date?
    January 2018 Accelerated Degree Program.
    Bachelor of Nursing - Transfer Route | Faculty of Nursing | University of Calgary

    I went straight to nursing academic advisor office and they told me that.
  5. by   bnickerson
    I believe transcripts are due Sept. 30, but I think nursing applications had to be in a month or two ago. I could very well be wrong, or they could have changed the procedure this year.