UBC Nursing 2013 Interviews

  1. Hi Friends!

    I just received my interview invitation to UBC and am trying to decide how to go about preparing for it. I was wondering if anyone had some advice or if they had gone through the process before? I understand that all candidates had to sign a confidentiality agreement prior to the interview process, and I am not trying to steal answer, I would just like to know how everyone is going about preparing.

    Thanks! And can't wait to see everyone at interviews!
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  3. by   katielea
    It's nothing you can really prepare for. If you google MMI questions you'll get a bunch from things like medicine and dentistry and those are totally different from what nursing will be like. A lot of it is scenario-based, like, "you witness a fellow nurse saying something racist. What do you do?" I mean, they're more nuanced than that, but all the interviews are trying to do is weed out bad people, you know? Don't be prejudiced, be a kind person, be willing to support patients in achieving wellness and do your best to communicate clearly and succinctly and you'll be fine.