RPN to RN Bridging - Don't have high enough GPA

  1. Hello, I graduated from an RPN program in Ontario 2017 with a GPA of 2.88. To apply to any RPN to RN bridging programs GPA of at least 3.0 is required to be considered. Does anyone know of any academic upgrading I can do? Or am I able to retake courses to higher my GPA despite being graduated? Unable to find much info online. Thank you for any advice/info.
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  3. by   theRPN2b
    Another option for you is taking the LPN to RN program through Athabasca University. No specific GPA for acceptance, HOWEVER you need to complete 1700 working hours as an RPN before you can start the program
  4. by   RPN_student
    Have you considered specializing as a RPN that may help raise your GPA. Also, which school did you graduate from do they have any academic upgrading available retaking courses in which you got a low mark. Also look into Athabasca.
  5. by   bootzie
    I believe if you do post grad courses those can count towards your GPA. You should be able to retake the courses through your college, though.