1. Hello
    I was given a conditional offer to the practical nursing program at Humber college because I'm in high school and I'll be graduating June but in myhumber it still says I need to do my admission test which I have already done a few weeks ago so I was wondering why does it still say that ? Did I pass or do I need to redo it ? Please help
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  3. by   bluestar776
    I would call and ask the college directly about that.

    Congrats on your conditional offer just do well and keep up the grades you currently have in your classes and you should be fine.
  4. by   suits 2 scrubs
    Hi, my friends got conditional offers as well and I heard it takes them quite a few weeks to update the individual accounts. I also agree with bluestar777 to give them a quick call and to also keep up with your current grades in school.

    Good luck,