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  1. Hey everyone,

    I have a question about getting accepted into a Masters program for nursing. Will the school I attend for my undergrad influence my chance of being accepted into a Masters program in the future? I have decided that I want to go to Brock University or University of Ottawa for my undergrad, but I cannot decide between the two. Many people have told me Ottawa has a "better" reputation, so assuming I get similar grades at each school, I'd be more likely to be accepted if I do my undergrad at Ottawa. Ottawa also has the Masters program, and Brock does not from what I am aware of. However, Brock starts clinical placements first year, whereas Ottawa does not start them until second year. I'm aware it's not just my grades that will get me into a Masters program but my academic and clinical references as well.
    So basically, I am not sure if I should attend a school with a "better" reputation or go to the school that gives me hands-on experience sooner. My main goal is to get into a Masters program, so that is mostly what I care about, the city itself does not matter to me as I have been to both and love them both.
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