Pre admission exam for RPN in humber college anyone who will do what's the steps to get th

  1. Hi there I plan to do RPN in humber college since the location is very near to me..Anyone who do the same if you could help me how to get to be schedule for the admission exam in humber college and pointers as a guide to pass the pre admission exam,anybody here who is the same page as I plan soon and I'm anticipating things nowadays what should be done..thank you guys please help me any reliable info thnx..cheers
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  3. by   princess_nurse2b
    You will have to book the test online. It is $50. I took the test at Humber this August. Chemistry, biology and math were multiple choice. Math was pretty easy (I'm good in Math) Alot of fractions, decimals conversions and ratios. English is a written Essay on a topic they provide. The Chemistry and Biology portion was the hardest. I would study Chemistry and Biology at the grade 12 level.
  4. by   nurse2bveraa
    Hey do you mind telling me how the test was especially on biology and chemistry. I'm super nervous
  5. by   princess_nurse2b
    Hey it was a lot of theory questions. You really need to study grade 12 bio and chem.
  6. by   nurse2bveraa
    Thank you so much