How to calculate GPA with letter grades!

  1. Hi everyone,

    I currently attend Laurier and here they give your final grades in letter grades. To calculate your GPA from this, do you take the middle point of the grade range as the percentage to calculate your GPA with?

    Also as a side note- is this way pretty unfair? Because if you receive an 'A+' in a course, there is a big difference between getting a 90% and a 100% in a course - but yet you're given an A+. So when calculating your GPA you would use 95%? So this is in favour for those who receive a 90% versus 100%? And your GPA could never ever be perfect if you were actually to get an A+ in every course.. bc your gpa would be 95%?

    The same could be said for the A- range.. 80-84%

    Haha sorry.. I'm just curious as to how it works!
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  3. by   donk
    Search the school website... I know York has a link that shows you the percent-letter grade- gpa. All colleges and universities are slightly different.
  4. by   Pink Tulip
    Almost every major school does it this way in Ontario.

    3.7 = A- = 80-84%
    3.9 = A = 85-89%
    4.0 = A+ = 90-100%

    You can always check out the scales on ORPAS or OMSAS or any of those sites. They have GPA calculations from letter grades to GPA. Percentages you find on Laurier's website: Wilfrid Laurier University - Undergraduate Academic Calendar - 2011/2012 - University Undergraduate Regulations - Academic Regulations - Grades