FNP in Dyouville from Canada

  1. Hi there my nursing mates,
    I am doing my FNP in dyouville college starting January 2018. I am very excited. Is there anyone from
    Canada specifically GTA area doing the same program?
    I recently got my driving license and not very comfortable driving in the highway. I was wondering if any of my Canadian friends could help me out if we have the same courses. Also does anyone know if we can select any courses we like for the semester or is there specific mandatory courses that we have to take?
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  3. by   reginea94
    Hey i also got into the same program and live in the GTA i was hoping we could connect!
  4. by   nksjn
    Hey! msg me here onlyforallnurses@gmail.com
  5. by   findme
    I will be starting the program as well ! Anyway to get in touch ?
  6. by   reginea94
    hey email me at regine12@live.ca
  7. by   findme
    I sent you an email !
  8. by   nksjn
    Hey msg me as well! onlyforallnurses@gmail.com
  9. by   Bfl2
    Hey there! Is this a private school? Just looking for some more info!