Accelerated Nursing Program Acceptances '18

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I finished my undergrad 2 years ago and applied to accelerated nursing programs for fall 2018. My cGAP is not great probably around a 3.0 and my last 2 years GPA is around a 3.4 (on the 4.0 scale)...starting to get worried that I have not heard back from any of the schools I applied to (U of T, York, Trent, Western, Queen's, Dal & UBC). Does anyone who has been recently accepted to any of these schools mind sharing the GPAs they were accepted with? Debating whether or not I should sign up for some summer/fall courses and apply again next year.

    Thanks so much
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  3. by   Amiodaronee
    I heard back from York for 2nd entry Nursing and all of the other programs I applied for (non-Nursing) but have not heard back from Western or Trent. My GPA is around the same. I know some people have stated it on the other thread in this forum. If anyone here was accepted into Western let me know! I'm curious about your GPA too.