A lot of questions: RPN to BScN

  1. I'm currently a first-semester student in RPN program at Seneca College.
    I have a lot of questions:

    1. I know that I need to take bridging courses after my RPN program: GBC, Humber, Durham or Centennial bridging program is okay? Because Seneca doesn't have a bridging program.
    2. If I took GBC bridging program that means I'm stuck at two choices: either Trent or Ryerson? Or can I apply to UOIT as long I passed bridging program in any college?
    3. What if I got some C+ or B's in my RPN program? Can I retake those courses and still apply to bridging? Will universities consider my retake courses? Or does retake courses means a fail to them?

    I already have a fail program on my college transcript last 2015 because I had issues in life. Now I know that my transcript failures will greatly impact how it will shape my life.
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