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    I'm planning to write CPRNE exam on January 2018. I wrote twice on 2015 and I failed. My mark was closer to pass mark for second attempt. I was pregnant that time. I didn't do exam after my daughter born. I had hard time to focus with my daughter. I am planning to do on January but I'm very scare. When I write exam, it was paper exam. Now, they changed to computer.

    I am looking for suggestions and recommendations from those who passed or in process of writing their exam soon. Please share what you guys study and how do you guys study? That really will help me. Thanks
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  3. by   hopetopassnclex
    I advice you buy the Saunders PN review book, go through it and do as many questions as you can. And also get the CPRNE prep guide, you don't need much materials to study for it .Best of luck.
  4. by   Frances625
    Hi.. i am so sorry to hear about your previous attempts. I will suggest you to contact N-World Review. They are Edmonton based but they do provide online services to Toronto students as well. They mostly have repeat test takers students with them i have seen and they success rate is really high.

    I passed my exam with them too now working as an LPN.
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