Predictor Test

  1. Just did the predictor test and scored a 70%. I'm wondering if anyone took the test and found it similar to the CPNRE? I'm a little worried because I Feel like it should be a little higher.
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  3. by   Martinjay
    Hi Lisa Stone,

    I am wondering if you still have the questions for ASI-CPRNE predictors test? Do you mind sharing them to me. please do let me know. my email is

    Thank you in advance, Im just anxious about my upcoming CPRNE.
  4. by   LisaStone
    Sorry I deleted them off my computer if you google it you can find questions from old ones. I suggest studying the 3, 4 and 5th prep guide. Read and understand the rationales. I felt like the questions were very similar to those.
  5. by   Martinjay
    Hi LisaStone,

    Thank you for responding to me, I appreciate it. I am wondering if you have the CPRNE prep guide 3rd Edition? Kindly send it to my email

    thank you again and please do let me know.