CRNE in October 2012

  1. anyone in Toronto taking this exam and enrolled in the torontoschoolofnursing?
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
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  4. by   sarahrs
    Yes I am also taking this course with my friend. I am from Peterborough . I failed the first time and tried to take the course with my friends but it was full , and they passed. I register e d ear ly th is time . They s aid it is a g ood course and help s you go over every thing . I am also study ing M o s by and Li pp incot t and will buy a medical book too. I will also try the modules on the CNO web site , I read on he re that they are good too . DO you have any books that you are using that you find are good? ,
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  5. by   Elliek
    also using Mosby's and the CNA, and yes the CNO modules are good as well, CRNE facebook they post questions everyday in which slot are you for the course maybe i will see you there. I am tue/wed how about you?
  6. by   worldpeace2012
    Anyone from Ottawa region? Can anyone explain the scoring. I heard that 550 is a pass and I'm not sure exactly what that means and how that is reflective of the questions answered right.