1. Hi Friends..anyone taking CRNE exam in October 2012..please let me know if You are interested in making a group to study together....I live in Brampton..any advice /suggestions for the preparation of the exam are welcome ...
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
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  4. by   Enovel
    Let meet at the Library on Queen and Main St (Monday July 23 at 1400)
  5. by   innocent queen
    hi Enovel,
    we are meeting at the Chinguacousy branch of Brampton library @10 am on Tuesday..u r welcome to join
  6. by   sarahrs
    Is anyone meeting in Peterborough or in Bowmanville ? I'm just north of P eterborough but can meet in durham dur ing the day for group study at the Whitby Library maybe
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  7. by   worldpeace2012
    Anyone meeting in Ottawa region? Let me know I live near St. Pauls University and would like to start a study group here if possible.