CPRNE Summer 2018

  1. Hi guys!! Thought I would get in contact with RPN students taking the exam this summer.. I am planning on taking it sometime in June, still waiting for the exact date.

    What are you using to help you study? What school are you from?
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  3. by   danikayee
    Hey!! So I am taking my exam June 27th in hamilton. I did my program at Niagara College, I just took the prep course with bay college and I'm still feeling like i have learning gaps. I am going to purchase flash cards, use the CPNRE prep guide offered through the college, as well as the text book.
  4. by   LisaStone
    I'm doing mine June 28 in Toronto! I got the CPRNE prep guide and I found it helpful.. going to buy the predictor test and try that out! I haven't been studying as much as I should be I bought the NCLEX pn book but I'm wondering if its very different since its American