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Can somebody clue me in on this travel/agency nursing thing?

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by BreeRN BreeRN (New Member) New Member

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So I just started as a travel nurse and I feel rather frustrated, to say the least, with my recruiter. I don't think he was honest or looking out for my best interests in the least. With that said, I am a bit wary of travel nursing companies now, and was wondering if anyone has a good recommendation? I need one with a good, affordable family health insurance plan, and of course bonuses are always nice too :) And above all, I want a recruiter that is trustworthy! I'm just looking for some good old fashioned advice, no pushy advertising or anything please. thanks so much!

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kellis99RN has 12 years experience and specializes in ICU, M/S, Hospice.

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I can recommend a very good company.

I know of 2 companies actually. The companies are Novapro Staffing and RNNetwork.

As for health ins., it is free for the traveler ;)


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