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what can i do to prepare myself before entering the nursing program?


Hi I would like to get ahead and start reading material that will be covered in the nursing program. Are there any books and topics that you guys nay recommend? I've heard about getting ahead on these topics: oxygenation and electrolytes? Are these difficult topics?

Start reading your text book. Also start reading an NCLEX review book. And ATI book if your school offers it.

Good luck!

From my experience I would rather enjoy life and do as much as I can with your family and friends. When you get into the nursing program, they will give you a syllabus of what to read. Saying that, when nursing school, you won't have much of a life anymore, I was anxious too like you. I wouldn't have benefited from reading if I tried.

I did do the entire math book that covers basics to critical drips. Thinking that this was required, I showed up to class with classmates books still wrapped up and doing practice problems on how to split a pill in two for administration. ENJOY LIFE! Don't worry about reading until you get your syllabus.