Can an L&D nurse explain what this means please?

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I am reading my operative notes from my csection 2 years ago and don't understand some of the terminology.The report reads "A gravida 2, para O" is that saying 2 pregnancies? Because my daughter was my only and she was a live birth and currently a tiny terror :DThe report reads "Normal tubes and ovaries bilaterally. Question right non-communicating horn to uterus."What does Question and non-communicating mean?Is there any book to read to understand all this talk? It is like another language!

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It is saying that before delivering your daughter you were pregnant two times, no deliveries. Now that you have had your daughter you would be G2P1. The rest you should consult with your doctor about.



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Thanks for answering :) Yeah, I've never had a miscarriage so not sure how they were misinformed. Maybe I should tell my doctor, if that matters. My doctor explained I have a little horn on the side of my uterus and that whenever I become pregnant I need an ultrasound at 6 weeks because I have a slightly increased risk of ectopic pregnancy on that side.

I was just wondering what it means exactly "non-communicating" because I'm trying to learn all this technical speak. I didn't want to schedule an appointment with my doctor just for curiosity sake. I tried googling and just got a bunch of more "technical speak" so was hoping someone could just explain in plain English. Does it mean that the tube possibly doesn't connect properly on that side? When I think of communication I think of speaking, or chemical messages. Not sure how a uterus and tube "communicate"



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Often times if you call the nurse working for your doctor, she can explain the terminology more clearly for you.

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Question would mean they aren't sure - there is a question of whether the horn "communicates", or is connected to/patent (open, ublocked) to, the uterus.