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Can I still take the PN exam if I fail a class?

BorelliY BorelliY (New) New

I'm worried I might not pass a class, may I still take my PN exam. I'm a second semester nursing student nearing the end of the first year and was thinking of taking the LPN exam. Help

That depends on your school, you should ask your counselor or program director.

No, that depends on your state board of registration in nursing. Most states no longer allow students in RN programs to sit the NCLEX-PN partway through their programs.

WanderingWilder specializes in Med-Surg.

It depends on the board of nursing for your state, but I'd be surprised if they would allow you to sit for the exam without passing at least the first year. In my state you can sit for the PN once you have passed the classes that include fundamentals, med surg, psych, and maternity. Which at most schools in my state is first, second and third semesters.


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