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Can I get my MSN now and become an NP later?


Hi there! I recently graduated with my ADN and will be graduating again with my BSN in December. I do want to eventually become an NP in the future but want to wait until I get a few years of inpatient experience first. I was wondering if it was possible for me to obtain my MSN now and then get my NP certificate later on when I'm ready? TIA :)


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What would be your specialty now? I'm sure what you're asking is possible, but I would wonder if you'd be required to repeat some courses. I do know that there would be courses to take that are specific to becoming an NP, and I would hold off on taking those until you know whether or not they would expire as programs change. It would be a shame to pay for those now and later be met with, "I'm sorry, we no longer accept that course towards this degree/certification".

 I anticipate having my MSN by the end of December or January (fingers crossed), but I have no desire of becoming an NP. So, I haven't looked into anything NP-related.