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Can I get into an ELMSN program?

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Hi everyone! I am currently working on refining my top 5 nursing schools I want to get into, but the more I do research on them, the more I get discouraged in applying because I don't feel competent enough. On my list so far are Samuel Merritt, John Hopkins, Western University, Columbia and UCSF.

I have a 3.3 GPA from undergrad (communication major at a UC) and all As in my pre-reqs (only 1 B). I still have yet to take the GRE and HESI A2. I have 80 hours worth (or 2 quarters) of volunteering at a hospital, about 40 hours worth volunteering at a clinic as a scribe, have gone to a 3-month clinical internship abroad, held 5 leadership positions in an organization during undergrad and I have been working as a health & wellness coordinator for 6 months now. I am 23 and I just graduated from undergrad last year.

As for LORs, I can confidently say that I know 2 people who can write me a strong one.

My goal is to become an NP and I decided to go on this route 2 years ago. Right now, I am not sure whether I have a good chance of getting into these schools. I want to know everyone's opinion on my stats because I am scared that I won't get into any.

Thank you!

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