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how can i get H1B visa ?

ruvini ruvini (New) New

hi Im a foriegn RN and now living usa.im still on application process New yorkBON get my license here. im on f2 visa here. does anyone know is it possible to make H1B visa if i got my RN license in NY???

if not what is the process??

Thank you so much

Silverdragon102, BSN

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H1b is a specialist visa and not a normal route for nurses, not saying it can not be done just difficult. With lots of US nurses out of work it is difficult for many employers to agree to pay $$ for H1b visa. Also unless affiliated with a university you are looking at submission of application in April and if sucessful a starting date of Oct for next year. Also H1b means you will be applying the same time as many other specialty professions like IT so very much a lottery

Thank you for the reply me.

Do you think it is easier to go thought a university become a BSN from RN (as in F1 visa to OPT) to apply for a job rather than apply for H1B straight??? Please help me .

Hello ruvini . Did you get the any work visa ? I have same situation right now.