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can i become a nurse with pending charges ?

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Hi im 23 years old and intrested in doing my RN in ontario. At the biginning of january i got into a car accident and have pending charges against me for dangerous driving death /harm .if the charges stick will i be able to take my rn or should i look for another course to go into .please help .

I obviously don't know all of the circumstances having to do with your accident, but I can tell you this. The State Board of Nursing is very strict when it comes to Misdemeanor's let alone Felonies. I went to school with people who passed the background check with the school/university, went through the RN program, and when it came time to take the state board exam, they were denied. If you don't mind me asking, did somebody die in the accident because of you? If so I honestly think it's going to be very hard to obtain a Nursing license. I hope this helped.

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If you're not at fault- why are there charges pending against you? I'm confused

What do you mean it was a hit and run? That sounds like it's your fault. Where you the driver? I'm a bit confused too.

I was the driver of one car .a guy hit me and left me and my friends for dead . Because i exceeded the legal limit of alcohol i got pending charges .but they r going to be dropped .i just want to kno if i could start the process of school or would it be not worth it

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Did the charges get dropped? Was it a death or an injury?

It all depends on the circumstances. In the US if there is a felony charge then you definitely cannot sit for boards. Misdemeanors are usually ok if they get reviewed.

I heard that some charges of moral turpitude (shoplifting, fraud, DUI) are considered unable to sit for boards.

Again, that is in the US. I'm not sure about laws in Canada but I doubt they are much different.

It's hard for us to say not knowing all the details, however every situation is different. I know fellow classmates who had DUI charges, domestic violence and one even with Fraud charges that were dropped. The one w fraud charges had to fight really hard to convince the board to let her sit for NCLEX and eventually she was approved. I would wait until your charges are dropped and hold onto all of the supporting documents.

Additionally, you need to really understand that the Board does not take drinking and driving lightly. So going forward, if you do get in to school, you have to be very very mindful of doing things like that, because they will revoke your license in a heartbeat


OP, you need a good lawyer - FAST!!! Your goal is not to have any charges against you. Find a Nurse-Attorney.


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