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Can i apply to another state BON if I have an application pending in CA?


I applied to CA BON the end of April and I still have not received my ATT. The BON website says they are currently processing March applications. I am working as a graduate nurse at a VA hospital in CA. One of the nurses said I should just apply for a license in another state with quicker processing time, since it does not matter where my license is from with the dept. of veteran affairs. Am I allowed to do this if I already applied for a CA license?


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If you have paid Pearson Vue then you must wait for your current registration to expire.


Scroll all the way down to Registration Time Limit

Great question.. I'm following along.. I too am waiting.. Applied April 6th..

Min hoping that it happens soon.. I'm leaving to Japan end of July BUT I will be in NM visiting family..

I haven't paid Pearson yet though..