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Can anyone recomend a good book...

I need suggestions on good NCLEX question books. In your opinion which book has questions as close as possible to the real thing. Also, can anyone recommend a book that has lots of metrology/math questions?

Thank you


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I would go with exam cram. It has a CD that has CAT tests on it, and the questions are really similar to the actual NCLEX. I also used the Lacharity prioritization, delegation, and assignment. It really helped too. I bought Exam Cram on amazon for 10 bucks and lacharity new for 21. Good luck!


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for math calculation questions, you can search HERE at allnurses.

they have a lot of threads about computations, what I did was write or print it down and computed if I did get the same answer. Did that for 3 times per question and it really helped. Good luck! :)


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lippincott and saunders........


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