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Can anyone reccomend Psych facilities within Chicago for a job?

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Hey, I'm moving to Chicago by August, already have my license and 1.5 years experience as a psychiatric nurse, with a focus on adults with depression/anxiety/personality disorders. I'm wanting to at least know which facilities offer the best for employees and patients. An atmosphere that isn't overly tense with management that makes (too many) unnecessary decisions. Preferably somewhere near the North/Northwest area of the city, not too picky, but looking for around a 30 minute commute at most if I can.

I know there are the bigger name hospitals that have their own psych services. I'm just wondering if anyone has any direct experience or knows someone who has worked with one that can give input.

My preferred population in order of preference is: Adults (depression/personality disorders/anxiety), intake psych, outpatient psych (PHP, offices, etc), Adults (schizo and the like), substance treatment, adolescents, geri, and children (least favorite, families are the worst)

Also would like to hear if the facilities are school friendly, as I do want to do my NP soon.

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