Ordering supplies- companies you can use

  1. I found these companies helpful when ordering camp office supplies
    M. Fasco
    SNS Schhol Nurse Supplies

    I also found that if you price compare items,
    I make a list of what is required, and then write down, example
    6 cases of disposable ice packs
    $99.00 Masune 107.00 M. Fasco
    129.00 SNS
    If you want to order most of your supplies from ex. School Nurse Supply
    You can fanagle them on the phone and say, I can get this item cheaper through co, XYZ can you at least match their rate.
    You always need to act like you have other options to order supplies from so you get the best deal.
    The companies all have websites, call and get catalogs sent to you or go to thier online stores.
    They almost all take purchase orders over the phone. You can have them do up the order, and tell them up front that you still need to get the exact amt. of the purchase order so shipping is included. They can save your order, wait some timew to get your P.O. approved and call them back with the numbers.
    For approx. 230 day campers a week, I order about 400-500 dolllars of supplies for start up and make 1-2 more orders under $100 later in the summmer.
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