Medication Compliance

  1. Do any of you have procedures in place to assure that the kids are coming to get their meds. Sometimes it may be 11pm when we have a chance to look at the med record and note that a kid did not come get meds that day. We end up going after the kids in many cases. Any suggestions would be appreciated
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  3. by   BonnieSc
    Well, I look at the medication record after each medication time. My camp has about 120 girls; perhaps an average of 20 meds per med time, but I'm not really sure. At the after-meal med times, I make sure to get everyone before they leave the dining area (they hang around and sing songs during/after meal cleanup). I know at some camps the kids come to the health center on their own, but at mine the counselors are in charge of making sure the kids get their meds and must come with them.

    For bedtime meds, again the counselors usually remember, but I do occasionally have to chase someone down (especially because night activities end at different times). If someone hasn't come by 9:30 and the staff didn't let me know ahead of time that they'd be late, I start making radio calls.

    There's really no special trick. Just have to keep checking... just as a nurse does when administering meds in the hospital.