1. Anyone else counting down the days until they're back at camp?
    I have 32 days left of that pesky non-camp job to get through!
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  3. by   Dimple58
    Not really counting down days, maybe weeks. Well, yeah, days. I have about 18 not excluding weekends so about the same. It's May, so that's good. I am looking forward to somethings in between that. My oldest son is graduating from college, jury duty, Memorial Day weekend. So yeah, it's coming! Oh yeah, forgot, I'm going to a new camp. I will be the only RN with an aide, so I'm a little in suspense. And it's for one week.
  4. by   LikeTheDeadSea
    Sounds short and sweet! I'm at mine for 8 weeks and relocate 300miles to get there. Unfortunately my school district runs late this year due to some snow days so I only get 1 day in between my last day and having to make the drive up.
  5. by   Dimple58
    Cool! That makes for a Full Summer Camp! Nice fun and pay! Sounds like you are comfortable with that spot! Yeah, school seems to be running over the regular days and starting earlier, what's with that? But have fun at your camp!