Camp nursing throughout the year?

  1. Hello!

    I am extremely interested in camp nursing. I am a current nursing student with camp experience, including one summer as a health officer overseen by a nurse who was on site as needed. I don’t want a job for more than just summers, though. I want to find a year round camp nursing job. I know they exist, and I know they are hard to find, and I’m okay with that. Anyway, I have some questions.

    Does anyone have a camp job that allows them to work throughout the year, not just summers? If so, where? What kind of camp? What demographic do you serve? What does the off-season consist of for you (hiring help for the following season can’t take 9 months)? Do you live on site all year? What are your accommodations like? What is a good base salary I could expect to see for someone with limited nursing experience, but ample camp experience? Do you have other jobs in camp besides nursing?

    I love camp and I think it’s where I belong, I’m just trying to decide if it’s actually realistic for me. Thanks in advance!
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