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Camosun BSN 2016 Waitlist chances

NURS12 NURS12 (New) New

Does anyone know what the chances are to make it into the program if I am currently waitlisted after the interview process?

Hey NURS12, I'll try to give you some of my insight. Friday the 8th is the deadline for those accepted to pay their deposit to secere their seat. That being said I would presume after that invites for waitlisted individuals will begin. I might be wrong but I overheard at admissions that there were 75 waitlisted. Also, at the info session they said in fall 2015 they had a couple waitlisted students get into the program simply because someone dropped out and those people happened to answer the phone at the right time. All that being said your chances are decent.

Hi NursingStudentJen94,

First of all thanks for the reply :)

Do you know if the waitlist is by order of GPA? Sorry to ask so many questions, but I really want to get into the program.

I'm not sure.. Try calling admissions. Sorry I couldn't be that much of a help lol


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