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Calling all psych NPs in Ft. Lauderdale/Miami area!

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I'm a BSN student possibly interested in going the PMHNP route. I would really love to shadow a psych NP in the area for several hours to see what its like. If you would not mind doing that, could you please reply? I feel I need to see what its actually like from a first-hand perspective before I take the plunge. I have safety concerns, of course (especially since I'm a very petite female), but I have always been fascinated by psych, have a little experience working with people with drug and alcohol addiction as a volunteer lay counselor for 2 years earlier in life, and my first love was always to become a therapist (ruled that out for several reasons, mainly oversaturated market and the pay). Please let me know if you are willing to let me shadow you or know someone who is. I can drive anywhere from Miami to Palm Beach County.

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