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Calling all Massachusetts camp nurses!

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by AutumnDraidean AutumnDraidean (Member)

AutumnDraidean has 20 years experience and works as a Substitute School Nurse.

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I work as a substitute school nurse in numerous school districts in northern NYS. Someone once said that in New Hampshire there is a tax behind every rock and tree, I would extend that to say that in NYS there is a regulation behind every rock and tree. Here in the Adirondacks there are plenty of rocks and trees!

My daughter will probably be attending a camp that has moved from NYS to MA; my older girls went to this camp and it's a really great experience for kids. They have a history of playing fast and loose with some things and OTC meds is one such area. 

Is Massachusetts like NYS in that any OTC med given a child and camp or school must have a doctor's order, and parents written permission and any Rx meds need a doctor's order, a pharmacy label that matches the order and parental permission?

Until I called them out on it in NYS they were all set to go with only parental permission and even that was sketchy as they were having us fill out the information on a website with no way to sign off on anything. I explained the law to them and asked them if they had shown this to their camp nurse. They responded that they hadn't hired one yet. I strongly suggested they investigate this situation or they would risk the nurse they did hire quitting the first day. (I would have, in that situation)

I would just as soon know, from MA RNs who work camps, what the process should be and how it happens in the wild. 

Also will I hit any other hitches, is a "Recent physical" any within the last year? lucky for me I never met a vaccine I didn't like so she's as up to date as she can be with that. 


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