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California State University Long Beach BSN Nursing Admissions

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Good Day! 

I am a prospective BS nursing applicant. I have a 4.0 GPA all together and I got a 74% overall in the TEAS. I know that my TEAS score is not the best and unfortunately, I cannot retake it because it's due on the 10th of February. I was wondering how to compute the points that I have. I saw a bunch of posts on this site where people were calculating their scores or points. Please help me, and if you have any advice... please help. Thank you! 

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Hello there. Do you have a 4.0 in both your science pre-reqs AND your general education pre-reqs? If so, your points are calculated like this:

  • Science pre-requisite GPA are full points. You have a 4.0 which equals 4 points.
  • General Education pre-requisite GPA is divided in half. You have a 4.0 which equals 2 points.
  • Reading score from TEAS x .02. You never provided your reading score, so I cannot calculate this for you... but you just multiply your reading score by .02. N/A points.
  • Overall score from TEAS x .02. You're score is 74% which equals 1.48 points.

4 + 2 + 1.48 = 6.48 + whatever your Reading TEAS score is x .02 

Hope this helps you!




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