Will be relocating to Ca. due to the military

  1. I Am A Lpn And I Will Be Relocating To Ca Area. Will Be Living On The Base At Ft Irwin ,ca. Would Like To Know Do You All Have Baylor Shifts(weekends Only). I Would Also Like To Know How Is The Salary Around The Los Angeles Area . Would Also Like To Know Its Best To Be Iv Certified. In The State Of Alabama Thats Taught In School And Its Within The States Nurse Practice Acts.i Would Be Grateul Or Any Responses.
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  3. by   Midwest03
    Hi Toeleah,
    I thought we would be going too Ft. Irwin, Ca, but we didn't get it, will be going too Ft. Sill. I just hear it is really hot and humid, and too beware of the scorpions, it's nothing but desert, it would be better if you or anyone stationed in Irwin, Ca has family. My husband wanted too be near his sister that resides in Hayward. Maybe we will get there eventually. Good Luck too you. Happy New Year!!!