White Memorial New Grad RN March 2018 Cohort

  1. Has anyone heard back to schedule second round interview?
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  3. by   smers
    I haven't, but I just e-mailed one of the recruiters today. Hopefully I'll hear back tomorrow.
  4. by   CAStudent213
    Any update?
  5. by   smers
    Oh, sorry, forgot to get back. So the recruiter called me the day after I e-mailed and scheduled my interview for NICU this Wed and Peds next Wed!
  6. by   isabtorr
    Thank you for the update
  7. by   NeneFree1
    Hello, I am planning to apply for the New Grad Program at this hospital for the August cohort. Any advice on the panel interview questions, new grad starting pay, areas available to work in, any advice would be much appreciated.
  8. by   NeneFree1
    Also did anyone get the job? Do you like the hospital?