Which hospitals in CA hire nurses with +1 year non-ICU experience into their ICUs?

  1. Most hospitals in California seems to already want seasoned ICU nurses which I understand. However, does anyone know of any that also hire (maybe periodically hire) experienced nurses with a non-ICU background?
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  3. by   brownbook
    You may need to get a med/surg job and work your way into the ICU.

    Smaller, rural, hospitals generally do not have a large pool of nurses to choose from, so they may take less experienced RN's into ICU. Because they are smaller hospitals their ICU's won't have high acuity, critical patients. Critical patients would be stabilized in the ER or ICU and transferred to a higher level of care. But you will still learn a lot and deal with sick patients.
  4. by   OR-NurseToBe
    Look into nurse fellowship programs designed for nurses with some experience looking to change specialties. I believe providence has this option, and to my knowledge the application process is still open. Best of luck!
  5. by   tosca rose
    Hello, what about Canadian nurses without recent experience, but had med surg exp in the past. Will they hire too? I have nclex and visa screen already.