WHEN do New Grad Programs start in SanFernando Valley,SoCAL??

  1. i just received my temporary license to work as a registerd nurse in california. (i applied through endorsement from vermont). im from the san fernando valley area and greatly surrounded by different hospitals.

    can i go to work directly without going through the new grad program?

    if not, when do these programs usually start? i have a list of websites from these hospitals and none mentioned when the actual program would start. some of it are: kaiser permanente (woodland hills and panorama area), northridge hospital, velley presbyterian, olive view (ucla), encino tarzana medical center, west hills hospital, etc.

    i hear they usually take 4-6 months for the program to finish. i am planning of having a vacation in the philippines come march for a very important family gathering. will they allow me to take 2-3 weeks off from work?

    i greatly need ur help, guys. pls reply. thank u so much.
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