What is the job market like in SOCAL

  1. I'm a military spouse, not yet a nurse, but soon to be! We may be moving to the Carlsbad, CA area is a year or two. What is the job market like down there, especially for new grads?
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  3. by   Meriwhen
    The market is not good at all for new grads: there's too many of you and not enough jobs. It's even worse if you lack the BSN, as many places are BSN preferred/required.

    The major organizations--Kaiser, Scripps, Sharp, UCSD--have new grad residencies that you can apply for. Check the websites daily to see when they are accepting applications.

    You could seek military spouse hiring preference when applying at government facilities, but all that will do is give you an advantage over candidates with comparable experience. It doesn't guarantee that you will be hired, and it won't make up for you not having nursing experience. Still, it couldn't hurt to look into it.