1. how much do r.n's start making as new grads ( i was told $25-30p/h)

    how many of you are going to gradschool ?
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  3. by   luv2shopp85
    It depends what part of California you are going to work at. I was looking at hospitals in Orange County and the wages there are between 26-29 dollars an hour.
  4. by   stephanieindc
    i recently had a few travel assignments in san francisco where i also took a per diem position at a local hospital. with about 5 years experience, i made about $58/hr plus a 10% evening differential. i believe my full time rate would have been about $45/hr. new grads made around the high 30's. i worked at ucsf and you can actually view the salary chart if you look in the employment section. i found that many of the large hospitals in the san francisco bay area were fairly comparable to these rates. hope this helps.