UC Strike

  1. Can anyone tell me if they've heard whether or not the UC hospitals are going to strike?

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  3. by   dion32
    Hey JD,

    I'm an RN at UCLA and I have yet to hear anything. I know fact-finding ended last week and no word yet regarding whether or not a contract was reached.
  4. by   kalayaan
    my sister saw nurses on strike in ucsd-hillcrest about a week or two ago. she said she didnt know what it was about except that one of the placards read - "listen to your nurses!"
  5. by   pickledpepperRN
    I think it was an informational picket NOT a strike. There was an informational picket at UCLA a couple weeks ago.

    UC RNs Reach Contract Settlement - Gains in retiree health, patient safety, wages
    University of California Medical Center’s registered nurses reached a tentative agreement on a contract re-opener Thursday, the California Nurses Association announced today. Pay for missed meal breaks, a key issue in talks, was agreed to for the first time ever for UC RNs and is effective Jan. 1, 2007.