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  1. I requested a transfer to a Da Vita chronic dialysis in San Fran. bay area. I have 10 years experience in Hemodialysis as an RN. I was offered 33/hr working 12 hour shifts and of course, the time and a half pay after 8 hours so basiacally working 12 hours for $490. Does this sound about right. Seems like they are not offering much higher for experinced dialysis nurses as I was told by the manager they hire RN's without experience and start them with $31/hr. Seems unfair don't you think?
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  3. by   happylvn
    That's low. I use to work for FMC out there. Have you tried UCSF - Mt. Zion? I know RN's that went there from Gambro & FMC and hear the pay and benefits are better, also that it is a LESS stressful atmosphere. My buddy says they r hiring & here is the #415-885-7421 ... it is in downtown SF