Temecula new grad '16?

  1. Hi all! I've been an RN for a few years now, but have only worked outpatient. I recently quit my full-time outpatient job and am once again trying to get into acute care. I made it through to the interview stage for the Temecula Valley Hospital new grad program.

    I've done a lot of Googling on their program, but I can't find much. There's an old thread from last year here, and I read that. Anyone familiar with the hospital, or program? Anyone else going to be interviewing?
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  3. by   Estiefel0814
    Hi, I accepted an offer from TVH! Did you? I was hoping to create a group for the new grads!
  4. by   Cassady
    Hi!! I know this thread is from earlier this year, but I was hoping to get some info! I have completed the assessments through temecula valley hospital and will hear back tomorrow whether I will be accepted for an interview next week! Do you have any tips for the interview?!! Any information would be appreciated!