1. Is there anyone have taken the TEAS TEST. I need advise and what kind of questions mostly they asked. Help!!! I am freaking out.
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  3. by   denimar86
    hey, I took the TEAs about two years so I don't know how relevant this information is. The test is on Science, Math and English. When I took it i remembered having a hard time finishing the math part. We were not allowed to use calulators so I think that is what slowed me down. The English part was the easy, it is just grammer and reading and answering what you just read about. The science is just basic biology which you may want to brush up on. But overall the test is just the basics of these subjects. Good Luck with your TEAs test!!!
  4. by   JenRN2011
    I took the TEAS test about a year ago. The English is fairly easy. The Science portion was a little tricky beause it asked questions about Earth science, basic biology, anatomy...The Math portion was a little difficult because you could not use a calculator. The questions involved ratios, percentages, means, simple addition...

    I purchased some practice questions from ATI. I think it helped get me in the correct frame of mind.


    Hope it helps. Just relax and you will do just fine.