Student Aide workers in souther CA

  1. Anyone now of any hospital in souther ca that hire student aide workers?
    Also do you know what the job description is (what is allowed to be done as far as things CNAs aren't allowed to perform but student nurses are).
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  3. by   Sheri257
    There are many student extern programs in SoCal but, they have to be set up through your nursing schoool. Basically you can do any RN skills that you've been checked off on in nursing school. If you haven't been checked off on certain skills, you can't do them until you've been signed off.

    Some hospitals require you to also work as an aide. On those days, you can't do any RN skills.

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  4. by   i_am_evergreen
    oh ok, i'll look into it.
  5. by   carol72
    At Moorpark College I saw many flyers posted about a program such as this at Ventura County hospital. Someone from their program came into my physiology class to talk with us about this. I don't know the details but heard the pay is decent & it is a great opportunity. Sorry I can't furnish better details.
  6. by   i_am_evergreen
    Sounds good, i'll look into it,