St. Joseph Hospital in Eureka, California

  1. Hello everyone, I really could use some help. I just accepted an assignment in Eureka California at st. Joseph Hospital and I'm currently looking for housing for the 3 months while I'm there. Any suggestions???
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  3. by   onajourney
    I interviewed there recently and did a tour with a realtor who was so helpful. She suggested Arcata, McKinleyville, Trinidad, Cutton, and Henderson Center. I loved Arcata (20 min to SJE) and Trinidad (30 min). Personally, I would avoid living in Eureka. There is a huge homeless population, drug problem, and tons of property crime. The area is gorgeous though! Be sure to see the redwoods enjoy your assignment!
  4. by   ksbt3289
    Look at Kevin's Place Apartments in Arcata. Hands down the nicest apartments in the area.